The Role-Players Guild

The Role-Players Guild was built to be the one true home and haven for roleplayers and collaborative writers alike. This is the first community built from the ground up, programmed from scratch for the very purpose of RP.

RPG is built by the Roleplayers in more ways than just one. The original programmer is someone who has been a RP Writer since 1999, but it doesn’t stop there. The features added to the site are carefully put together with feedback and suggestions from the entire community. Originally, this was done in the form of a built-in voting system, but the owner has since moved that to a subreddit where these suggestions can now spark great conversations.

Meanwhile, on this site, we’ll be posting archive copies of mass messages sent out to the members as well as important updates about the future of the site and even some site-wide Roleplay events!

Join RPG today and see why we’re the best role-playing website out there.